Wednesday, June 20

I'm Backkkkkkkkk!

Did you miss me? lol :)

DD and I returned from our 10 day trip to Disney World late Monday night. We had a fantastic time. She is 7 and this was her third trip in as many years (DH and I first took her for her 5th birthday). She even enjoyed Splash Mountain. "That was awesome, Mom!" We were lucky enough to get Dream Fast-Passes and we went on a second time.

When we go as a family we usually stay at a resort outside the World. This trip DD and I went economy and stayed on-site at the All Star Movies resort. The rooms are small but plenty of room for us (my mom even joined us for 3 days and it was fine) as we don't spend much time in the room except for showering and sleeping.

I'll be posting more details and layouts as I complete them this week ~ I'm not going back to the office until Monday! woohoooooo