Saturday, July 24

I know what I did last summer...

...and this one too! A pool wasn't on our 'must have' list when we were looking for a house but boy are we so happy we ended up with one! Whether it's a quick dip after work or an all day pool party, our pool is a major part of summer.

First, I just want to say, I hate it when the weather and my work hours do not cooperate and I need to take layout pics inside! arrrgh!

whew, I'm better now. AND I made it to Round 4 in the Miss Scrap-tastic Contest! This is my sketch challenge layout.

Sunday, July 18

Another Miss Scrap-tastic entry...

Round 3 .....your hobby, your passion, what you love to do. The only rule is you MUST use fabric which can include ribbons, bows, twill, felt, lace, anything fabric.

I'm going to use this as a title page for a scrapbook that has just two pages about each place I travel to - just a little overview. I need to get traveling!!!

Sunday, July 11

The Dreaded Interview Round...

I am a study in contrasts, LOL!

Round 2 for Miss Scrap-tastic:

(around edge)
I am loving, loyal & trustworthy. I am a mother, wife & friend. I am intelligent, confident & successful. I am hardworking yet fun-loving. I am artistic and logical. I am afraid of spiders but enjoy public speaking. I love to read & do word puzzles and sudoku. I love casual,comfy clothes but pretty shoes & shiny, sparkly jewelry. I love scrapbooking & photography.

(around picture)
● I am a little weird & eccentric. I am a lot sarcastic.
● I love to travel and explore new places.
● I love to host parties and show-off my cooking talents.
● I do VOICES. All my pets have different voices. I can mimic people - I can do the best prank phone calls! :) And I love to tease my daughter with my english accent.
● Surf & turf. Hot Wings & Beer.

Monday, July 5

PR wildlife...

We saw this little guy while we were at El Morro. We called him Bean because his injured tail looked like a string bean.

This is my entry for Round 1 - we had to use the 3 main palette colors and then only other colors that were included on the design board.

Thursday, July 1

PR rainforest...

While we were driving through El Yunque, this waterfall was right next to the road.