Saturday, January 24

Crazy Girls

Gabe came over this afternoon. They had tacos for dinner and spent a lot of time working on "The Crazy Show". Gabe spent the night and tomorrow they'll both go to her house.

Friday, January 23

We got our Stinkin' Badges!

Megan had an early dismissal today so we went to the Valley Forge service center to pick up more cookies and purchase the badges we've been working on.

Wednesday, January 21

Tuesday, January 20

Monday, January 19

Miles of traffic......... overturned vehicle. That is why it took an extra hour for me to get home from work tonight.

Saturday, January 17


We went up to see my grandmother, uncle, and aunt & uncle today. We are always running around so much at Christmas we wait until the new year to get together. This year was later than usual as we re-scheduled due to bad weather.

Friday, January 16

I was looking for info on school closings (we are having very low temps) and I stumbled on an article about elementary schools in my old district closing because a new 'mega' school complex was built within the district. I checked further and sure enough, my old elementary school closed after the 2007-2008 school year. We went up to the school so I could take pictures and I described the building layout and all the changes to the recess equipment - they took all the 'unsafe' things away long ago - to my daughter.

Thursday, January 15

Wednesday, January 14


I was cleaning out some old files in my office at work today and I found these pictures of Megan when she was 2 and 3 years old. So cute!

Tuesday, January 13

Sales girl!

Look at all those orders!

Megan continues to impress me each year with her confidence in selling cookies.
I was amazed the first year when she asked her "scary" (rumors abound, such as she was in the army and brings grenades to school, lol) Principal if she'd like to order. Btw, she did buy 2 boxes.

This year she even sold cookies to the lunch ladies and one of the janitors!

Monday, January 12

Sunday, January 11

They came from outer space

Today we made aliens!

Saturday, January 10

Snow Play!

Our first snow of 2009. (I'm not counting last weeks ice)

It was only a couple of inches but Megan had to go out and play.
She had fun using a cup to build a wall.

Friday, January 9

It's Here!

I was working in my home office and heard the back porch door close. I went out and found a delivery.

My Project 365 Kit came today. Everything looks great and I can tell it will be quick & easy to assemble. I'll probably add a few more embellishments as I go, but I have a huge stash to choose from! Now I can start printing my pictures and putting them in the album.

Thursday, January 8

Uggggggggh.... all that paper....

Today's picture. My desk at the office. Still working on year end for multiple accounts.

Wednesday, January 7

Whatcha got in there????

My purse was getting heavy again. Time to clean it out.

Tuesday, January 6

It's that time again!!!

More changes this year. They are making it even harder to sell. I needed to place my order last year before the girls were even allowed to start taking pre-orders. And there are NO RETURNS. At $3.50 per box and only $.50 profit per box for my girls, every box not sold will take the profit from 6 others!

Monday, January 5

Toll Increase

Well it was my first day back in the office in the New Year. When I stopped to pay my toll this morning I was surprised to find it went up twenty cents. It is now $.95 each way on my commute and that's only for 10 miles on the turnpike.

Sunday, January 4

Cleaning ~ Linen Closet

The linen closet has been a mess for a while. There was even a box of stuff in there that we put on a shelf when we moved in and I'd only been in it once or twice since then. Oh yeah, we bought the house 10 years ago this March.

We got a bunch of new towels for Christmas so I decided that the closet would be cleaned out and rearranged before they got put away. Here are the before and after pictures. I filled a large trash bag and took out some of the older sheets to put with our camping gear. Tomorrow I'm buying new hampers.

And check out the lovely pepto-pink paint in the closet. The bathroom was papered with a lovely matching pink & silver wallpaper when we bought it. (insert puking smiley here)

Saturday, January 3

1st Time...

... Roller Skating!

Megan was invited to a birthday party at a skating rink. We got her started and left for a couple of hours. When we came back she was doing pretty good at staying right side up and she loved it!

Her dad never skated much but I used to go all the time when I was a teen. Every Friday evening I'd walk 4.5 miles to the other side of the city and skate all night until my mom picked me up around 11:30 when she got off work. I checked out the rink I used to go to online. I think we'll have a birthday party for Megan there this year. We're kind of old-fashioned in regards to big birthday parties - we don't do them, lol. The last one was when she was four. This year she will be ten.

Friday, January 2

O Tannenbaum....

...sorry but it's time to go.

And a couple of my favorite ornaments. I love those birds!

Thursday, January 1

Candy Cart!

I had one of those things happen today that just has to be the pic of the day!

I went to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up a few things. Near the entrance was a shopping cart full of candy with a sign on it the said $20 for everything but the cart, lol. I went past, in through produce and then thought I'd either better call my husband or never mention what I'd seen. I go back & call him on my cell.... "What are you waiting for? You're buying that."

You can't see them in the pic but there were 60 Reese's peanut butter x-mas trees.... those alone were worth the $20. Among other things there were 9 bags of the fun size Milky Ways and they don't even have holiday packaging?
We picked out a bunch to keep, some will go to my girls scouts and then I'm taking the rest to the women's shelter - 88 boxes of mini gingerbread cookies will be a few days of snacks for the kids there.