Thursday, January 1

Candy Cart!

I had one of those things happen today that just has to be the pic of the day!

I went to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up a few things. Near the entrance was a shopping cart full of candy with a sign on it the said $20 for everything but the cart, lol. I went past, in through produce and then thought I'd either better call my husband or never mention what I'd seen. I go back & call him on my cell.... "What are you waiting for? You're buying that."

You can't see them in the pic but there were 60 Reese's peanut butter x-mas trees.... those alone were worth the $20. Among other things there were 9 bags of the fun size Milky Ways and they don't even have holiday packaging?
We picked out a bunch to keep, some will go to my girls scouts and then I'm taking the rest to the women's shelter - 88 boxes of mini gingerbread cookies will be a few days of snacks for the kids there.

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