Monday, January 31

Stealing and Counterfeiting

In ‘celebrity’ scrapbooking news this week there was quite a brouhaha on some sites about a popular “artist” – that title is questionable at best and her site should be named “Simply everyone I can steal ideas from not Me” - who copied a Fossil purse design and than decided to sell product based on that design.

You can be inspired by another’s work and create your own item based on that but you can’t copy it and then pass it off as your own. Well, I guess you can – but be prepared for a shit-storm!

Anyway, that all led to my discovery of a new blog “Counterfeit Kit Challenge”.

Each month they’ll post a kit being offered by one of the kit clubs and challenging themselves and readers to make up their own inspired kits using that stash you already have. And then they’ll post challenges so you actually USE it!

How cool is that? I can’t wait until they post February!