Wednesday, August 22

Some of the single photo layouts I've done this year....

Someone on one of the message boards I frequent was asking if single photo layouts were as popular as they appear to be based on some of the online galleries. I would guess that one at of every 8 layouts I do is a single photo. Many of those are portrait photos but others are just photos that have extra meaning to me and I want to showcase those on their own.

And while I may have only one special photo on one page the facing page may have half a dozen photos! I don't think I have a number that I use more often than others.

Anywho here are several of the single photo layouts I've done recently.

Oh, and just to be different, the facing page with 6 photos!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 21



So I've been sick. Strep again. I get it every year or two... should have my tonsils out but not going to happen.... not at this point anyway. Felt like poop all week-end. Really wasn't up to going to work yesterday and was waiting to get an appointment at the Drs. BUT I have two new people that I need to make sure have enough work to do, especially as I had already scheduled Tuesday off.

I did get an appointment at the docs and the drugs are working, feel a 100% better today so I should be nearly back to normal by tomorrow. But for now, I think I'll go take a nap!

Saturday, August 18

A bunch of Layouts!

I'm taking a sketch class at Feeling Scrappy. I love using sketches when I get bogged down and I really like the site and want to show my support. We've been having a great time and the class has been done really well.

These are the layouts I've done so far...

Using a supplied sketch...

Using a supplied sketch BUT having to turn it...

I had to find a layout done by someone else, create a sketch and then make my own lo.

The sketch...

My layout...

I had to find an advertisement in a magazine, create a sketch and then make my own lo.

The sketch...

My layout...

And I'm getting those Disney pics scrapped!!!

Sunday, August 12

Sunday, Sunday

Finished this Altered Canvas today!

I made one a while ago with the intention of hanging it in my office at work but I liked it so much I left it hanging in my office here at home. So, I now have one for work too!