Sunday, July 11

The Dreaded Interview Round...

I am a study in contrasts, LOL!

Round 2 for Miss Scrap-tastic:

(around edge)
I am loving, loyal & trustworthy. I am a mother, wife & friend. I am intelligent, confident & successful. I am hardworking yet fun-loving. I am artistic and logical. I am afraid of spiders but enjoy public speaking. I love to read & do word puzzles and sudoku. I love casual,comfy clothes but pretty shoes & shiny, sparkly jewelry. I love scrapbooking & photography.

(around picture)
● I am a little weird & eccentric. I am a lot sarcastic.
● I love to travel and explore new places.
● I love to host parties and show-off my cooking talents.
● I do VOICES. All my pets have different voices. I can mimic people - I can do the best prank phone calls! :) And I love to tease my daughter with my english accent.
● Surf & turf. Hot Wings & Beer.

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