Monday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day!

I did finally finish the wedding album on Wednesday/Thursday (I think it was just after midnght, lol). It is 154 pages.

My friend was thrilled and called me Friday to say the Bride's mother and sister were both astounded too. I'm sure I'll hear more about it at work tomorrow!

Uggh, work. I have a ton to get to today. And the next 10 days will be horrible, I'm sure. I also have to deal with a 'problem employee'. Bad timing.

I still have to finish our autograph books for our trip too. Animal Kingdom and Character Meals are done. One side is for a photo of DD with the character and the facing page is for the character to sign. Here's a pic of what I'm doing this time ~ I try to change them each trip.

Hopefully DD's interest in autographs is over before I run out of ideas, lol!


Suzanne said...

Mar! Wow! That wedding album is a treasure! Great job. I LOVE your autograph albums. Cute, cute, cute! TFS!

Jayne said...

So glad you finished the wedding album - looks great! Love the colorful autograph book too - you are going to have such fun in Florida!!