Tuesday, May 1

So, I'm going to start a blog...

... I think.
I'm aiming for writing 3 times a week, we'll see.

I want to working on journaling to help me with my scrapbooking. I'm feel I am lacking in that department, a title and a line or two about who & where and that's usually all I do.
I've been working on a huge engagement/wedding book for a friend for months. I wanted to be done by now but this book is easily going to a hundred pages. It's very odd as with the exception of my friend (a relative of the bride) and her family I don't know these people. Of course this means I don't have to journal, lol! I'm getting bored though and I'm going to try to wrap it up this week-end if humanly possible.
I really want to get back to 'my' scrapping. I have a ton of pictures ready. I also have an idea for a book of 'Things to Make You Smile'. I want to start doing one page a week and posting those here.

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