Wednesday, May 2

Mmmmmm, dried meat!

My boss's husband makes beef jerky. I just got a batch today and I can't stop eating it! It's salty and slightly spicy and ripping your teeth into it is so primitively satisfying.

My daughter has decided to take up the violin starting next fall. She'll be in third grade. Only lessons for strings start in 3rd grade, is that because they are harder to learn than brass and woodwinds? Her school also requires all students to learn to play the recorder in 4th grade. Though I don't know if they skip that in favor of another instrument, I'll need to ask someone about that. Tomorrow night we go and get her 'fitted' for a violin. I thought they only came in 2 sizes - I was wrong. I hope she learns to make music quickly. I dread the 'cat in heat' sounds I know I will undoubtedly be subjected to. But I am already picturing the scrapbook layouts I will create. I hope they don't mind me taking pictures tomorrow night, lol!


Suzanne said...

Definitely take pics! My 2 dd's took violin and YES! They come in 1/2 sizes even! Can't wait to see the pics. And welcome to the world of blog! I've added you to my list to spy on! :-)

Marci said...

Be glad that she didn't take up the drums or the accordian. Remember Bobby Brady? LOL

Jayne said...

Mmmmm! That beef jerky sounds great! My son plays the violia- he started in 4th grade too (he is in 5th now :)