Sunday, March 13

Tater Peeling

Why yes! I did use my March Counterfeit Kit for this layout.  :)

Megan loves mashed potatoes and doesn't like stuffing. So, now she gets to peel the taters for holiday meals.

For holiday meals I always make potato filling (I cheat & use instant in these as you can't tell because of the other ingredients) and either cornbread & sausage stuffing or oyster stuffing. Megan doesn't like any of those and just wants real mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving 2009 she was finally old enough to start helping. Peeling the potatoes is her job now!

A close-up of the crinkled dictionary paper flowers I made.

If you haven't made these before they are very easy. Just cut some varying sized circles from thin paper. Wet them well with Glimmer Mist. Crinkle them up while they are wet and when they dry, stack and glue the circles. You can use anything for a center!

Thanks for stopping by!


Geri said...

Love your flowers and the little bird on top really sets it off! Great job using your kit!

Tricia said...

Your paper flowers are so pretty! They remind me of the potato peels - the color. Love your layout.

Glinda said...

Great colors for potato peeling. The flowers look like the peelings.

Mad for Paper said...

Love those flowers, go great with the potato theme.

Wayne said...

I'm with Megan. Potatoes are the best! Nice job, Mar!

Margie said...

Great page! I love your handmade flowers-very pretty!