Thursday, March 3

the hunt - For the Love of Sketches (#1)

 One last layout form my February Counterfeit Kit! I'll post my leftovers tomorrow.

Also I used a sketch! My friend, Donna, has started a new sketch blog! She'll be posting a new sketch each week and I plan to create a layout using each week's sketch. Please go check out her blog and while you're at it please follow both of us. :)   This is sketch #1. Did I mention she's using vintage advertisements to inspire her sketches? This sketch was inspired by a Max Factor ad featuring Judy Garland.

This layout will be one of three or four covering Megan's birthday. I wanted to make her birthday a little different this year so I hid all of her presents and gave her clues to solve in order to find them.

The clues shown on this page are:

"Where dishes get neat after we eat." the dishwasher
"Where work gets done but also fun." the desk in my office - used for work & scrappy play!
"I can be spied where monsters hide." under the bed, of course - and a Webkinz monster was the gift,lol!
"The more I dry, the wetter I get. I'm usually purchased as a set." towels - her gift was hidden under them in the linen closet

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ms.schwiet said...

wow love how u took the time to cut into the paper to show off the design